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Gold Weekly: An Extended Period of Consolidation Continues

Gold's period of consolidation continues as traders look for catalysts that will push it out of its tight range. Can the yellow metal regain its lustre?

Asia Morning: Weak Economic Data and Trade Talk Uncertainty Weigh on Market Sentiment

The latest downshift in global macro data is providing a not-so-subtle reminder of the pernicious effect the protracted US-China trade war is having on the worldwide economy.

Asia Morning: Perception, Perspective and Reality

Risk-off continues to linger, seemingly on the lack of good news on trade talks with China. At this stage, even date and a location for the trade would be a good thing.

Asia Morning: Long on Optimism, Short on Concession

The market remains long on optimism and short on the critical trade concessions but overall no worse for the wear as investors go through their daily ritual of RoRo (risk-on -risk-off).

Asia Morning: Optimism on Trade Talks Fades

US equities recovered well after a feeble start. Markets are struggling as investors struck a cautious chord on Monday.

Asia Morning: Trade Talk Toing and Froing

US equities dropped from record highs following the Thanksgiving holiday, with the S&P 500 posting its most significant decline in seven weeks.

Asia Morning: All Aboard the Rally Bus? Not yet as the HK Bill Could Be a Thorn in the Side of the Market

US President Trump has signed the Hong Kong bill into law; Trump says the measures were enacted in the hope China and HK can settle their differences.

Asia Morning: Another Week of Headline Hysteria?

President Trump may dominate the headlines on all fronts should he dangle any carrots regarding his much-anticipated meeting with President Xi.

Monthly Outlook: February 2021

Fears of further market deleveraging and stock dramas in the US merge with mutant coronavirus variants to offset some global vaccination drive results

Charts of the Week: Gold and USOIL rally reverse + GER30 rebounds

XAUUSD reversed recent gains, as risk appetite is slowly improving. USOIL saw a sudden reversal as well, with pressure still increasing.