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Online Trading Courses by Axi Academy

Learn about the financial markets and become a smarter trader with online trading courses from Axi

What is Axi Academy?

Axi Academy is the best place to learn about trading online. Our comprehensive trading courses have been designed by traders, for traders, to ensure you gain the essential knowledge and skills you need to be successful in the markets. All our courses are available free, anywhere in the world. Become a smarter trader with Axi Academy and let us help you discover your trading edge.


What types of investing courses do we offer?


From majors & minors to exotics, get the essential knowledge you need to trade the global forex market.

Forex Trading Course


Learn how to trade the most popular commodity in the world, GOLD!

Gold Trading Course


This crypto course arms you with the essential skills you need to trade the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Trading Course


Learn how to trade the fortunes of some of the world’s most important companies and influential brands.

Shares Trading Course

Why learn to trade with Axi?

  • Reliable service that’s trusted by tens of thousands of traders in 100+ countries
  • All trading education resources are available for FREE
  • Practice trading with a free, no obligation Demo account with US$50,000 of virtual funds
  • Founded in 2007, Axi is a fully licensed and regulated broker
  • We have an award-winning, multi-lingual client support team that speaks your language
  • Connect with a global community of traders to continue improving your skills

How are our online trading courses delivered?

Axi Academy courses can be accessed from anywhere at any time using your preferred mobile device or computer. Our free interactive online trading courses have been created by professional traders and include written content, videos and quizzes, giving you a range of ways to learn. And because we know that every trader learns at a different pace, all Axi Academy courses are free 24/7 so you can learn when it suits you.

How can the Axi Academy trading courses help me?

Because our courses are created by experienced industry professionals, we focus on essential information that real traders need to trade successfully. Our comprehensive and interactive trading courses are designed to steadily build your knowledge so that when it’s time to trade, you have confidence in your own ability. With tens of thousands of traders around the world choosing Axi, you can trust in our expertise.

Who are the online trading courses suitable for?

Axi Academy has something for everyone. If you’re brand new to trading, we’ll share all the essential knowledge you need and help give you the confidence to take on the markets for the very first time. As your skills improve, Axi Academy grows with you and offers more advanced concepts and challenges that will take your knowledge to a new level. With Axi Academy you never stop learning!

Start your trading education today!

Learn essential trading skills to boost your knowledge with free online trading courses from Axi

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  2. Learn about forex, shares, cryptocurrency and more
  3. Trade the financial markets using your new trading knowledge 

More educational resources to improve your trading

Discover more ways to trade your edge

Frequently Asked Questions

All Axi Academy courses are free to access, at any time. Simply register your details to gain access to the online course content and start going through the course at your own pace. Other free resources – including eBooks, MT4 video tutorials and market analysis – are available to view and download through the Axi website. When you’re ready to try trading, open a free no-obligation demo trading account with $50,000 of virtual funds to practice with.

Our course content is created by professionals within and beyond the Axi team, each with many years of experience working across the financial services industry, including as traders, analysts, fund managers, educators and more. Their expertise ensures our courses focus on the essential skills and knowledge you need to trade successfully.

When you think you’re ready to try trading, it’s time to open a demo trading account! Our free no-obligation account includes $50,000 of virtual funds to practice with, meaning you don’t have to risk any of your own money. Axi demo accounts have all the same features and functionality as a live trading account, but without the risk.

Visit Axi Academy! Simply sign up, enroll in a course and you’ll get access to the free course content that you can complete at your own pace.

Axi Academy is open to everyone, regardless of skill or trading knowledge, and there are no formal qualifications required – all you need to do is choose a course that’s appropriate to you. For example, if you’re brand new to trading, we’d recommend starting with the 'Introduction to Forex Trading' course. As you gain more skill and confidence, you can take courses that cover more challenging concepts.

The first Axi Academy course covers forex trading and we will roll out more into the other financial markets like share CFDs, precious metals, commodities, indices, cryptocurrency trading and more. Be sure to check in regularly to see what new courses have been added!

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