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As a PAMM fund manager, you play a pivotal role in your client’s investment journey. Axi gives you access to tailored PAMM and MAM professional software solutions to manage multiple trading strategies in a live environment. Grow at your own pace with a Public or Private PAMM Master Account. Charge a performance fee and turn your passion into a profit. 

How does
PAMM work? 

A PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a popular automated trading method, that allows fund managers to manage multiple accounts from their own Master Account. PAMM account managers distribute the trades based on the percentage they choose.  Every time a fund manager makes a profit, subscribed investors pay a fee.  

PAMM leverage their skills and earn extra income. If you are confident about your trading strategy, you can set up your own PAMM fund strategy. This way, you monetise your trading skills, while doing something you love.

Axi’s automatedtrading solutions  

Axi’s automated trading solutions 

Discover the versatility of PAMM/MAM 


Use your own Master Account to manage an unlimited number of accounts. Set the performance and management fee that works for you. No need to create an investment fund.   


Smartly manage multiple investor accounts from one account. Use a first-class money management system, offering detailed performance monitoring, and a leaderboard showcasing different trading strategies. 


Enjoy mutually beneficial terms and fair rewards. Axi’s PAMM service is carefully designed to be profitable for everyone involved. This includes PAMM Managers, Investors, as well as Partners in the PAMM Introducer Program. 

Who can be a
PAMM Partner ?   

PAMM Partners share the rewards by referring investors to Managers with the PAMM Introducer Program. Partners don’t need special trading abilities. If you have top notch social skills and/or an established network of customers, you could join the PAMM Introducer Program as a Partner. If you are interested, you can get in touch by using the form below.