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How to Create a Trading Plan in 2021 / Axi

A trading plan is a strategic process that all traders should follow. Each trader should have their own, find out here how to create a trading plan.

12 Trading Sins That Will Cost You Money / Axi

Every trader has committed trading errors, mistakes and sins along the way. Learn about the most common trading sins that you need to avoid here.

Best Trading Journals: What is a Trading Journal? / Axi

The trading journal is one of the most underrated tools in the world of trading. Find the best trading journals to use and learn how to create your own.

16 Common Trading Mistakes to Avoid for All Traders / Axi

Some traders will make unavoidable mistakes but it's important to learn about the common trading mistakes you can avoid. Find out more here.

How to Deal With Trading Losses / Axi

As a trader, you're bound to experience losses. Find out how best to deal with trading losses and improve your trading from those lessons learnt.