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20 Habits of Successful Forex Traders / Axi

Discover the top habits of successful forex traders and incorporate them into your own trading strategy. Learn helpful tips for the forex market here.

What is a Pip in Forex? Spreads & Pipettes Explained / Axi

A pip or 'percentage in point', is a term used in FX to measure a unit of change in the exchange rate of currency pairs. Learn everything about pips here.

Top 17 Benefits of Forex Trading in 2021 / Axi

Discover the top 17 benefits of forex trading in 2021 and dive into the largest financial market in the world. Learn more about the FX market here.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Forex Trading? / Axi

There is no minimum deposit to start trading forex with Axi but how much money do you really need to start forex trading and to see some success?

What is Divergence in Forex Trading? / Axi

Divergence is a useful concept for all traders to understand when trading in the forex markets. Discover exactly how divergence works in forex trading.

12 Effective Forex Trading Strategies for Traders / Axi

Discover some of the most commonly used forex trading strategies utilised in the market. Learn to execute trades with strong forex strategies in place.

Forex Trading for Beginners: Guide to FX Trading 2021 / Axi

Follow our simple forex trading for beginners guide to understand how the forex market operates. Learn the basics before starting to trade currencies.

Forex Market Hours: What time is the forex market open? / Axi

The forex trading hours are 24 hours a day, 5 days a week across the world. See the forex market hours for the best trading sessions in your timezone.

Exotic Currency Pairs to Trade in the Forex Market / Axi

Exotic currency pairs are made from a major and a currency from developing or emerging countries. Find exotic currency pairs to trade in the FX market.

How to Read Forex Charts: 3 Types of Forex Charts / Axi

As a new trader, learning about the different forex chart types and how to read them is critical. Learn how to read forex charts for your analysis here.