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Gold Trading for Beginners | How to Trade Gold in 2022 / Axi

Are you looking to get into the precious metals market? When it comes to precious metals, gold is king. This gold trading for beginners guide is for you.

Chart Of The Day: USD under renewed pressure

Buying Gold as an Investment in 2021 / Axi

For years gold has been seen as the safe haven investment, but with a lot of uncertainty in the world today, is it still seen as a smart investment?

6 Essential Gold Trading Strategies for All Traders / Axi

There are plenty of gold trading strategies you can utilise when trading everyone's favourite commodity. Read this guide to find the most essential tips.

Charts Of The Week: Interest in the EUR

USD under pressure following a weak NFP print; Increased interest in EUR cross pairs; Bank of Canada rate decision looms; Gold recovering from a recent slump

2020 US election: Impact on gold prices

With the US elections around the corner and political tensions running high, how is it likely to affect gold prices? In this article, we analyze three different election scenarios and their impact on gold prices.

Charts of the day: The GER30 index is under pressure

With expectations running high, there’s not a lot of potential for upside surprises and the air could quickly become thin for the stock market

Charts Of The Day: ECB & US Inflation Special

Following the much-anticipated ECB meeting and US inflation numbers, we take a closer look at the impact of these two significant market events

Charts Of The Week: Focus on the FOMC

With all eyes on the FOMC where no rate change is expected, traders and investors consider what the Fed’s stance will mean for markets

Markets digest a disappointing NFP

While Friday’s NFP numbers fell short of expectations, traders recognise that, on the whole, the jobs report remained strong