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What is the OPEC? - Benefits, Advantages & Disadvantages

The OPEC was started in 1960 to establish coordination of oil production policies. Learn why it was formed, who the members are, and their purpose.

MT4 and MT5's Comeback on iOS

Trading Sins That Will Cost You Money

Every trader has committed trading errors, mistakes, and sins along the way. Learn about the most common trading sins that you need to avoid here.

What is Fundamental Analysis & How to Use it in Trading?

Fundamental analysis is used in finance to determine the value of an asset. Learn more here and see how it's used to identify trading opportunities.

How to Track & Measure Your Trading Performance

Learn how to measure your trading performance, devise a strategy for growth, and improve your skills with 12 ways to measure trading performance.

What is Margin in Trading & How Does it Work?

Margin trading is a common tool that many traders utilise in their trading strategies. Discover exactly how margin works in trading and how to apply it.

What is Speculative Trading? - Speculation in Trading

Inside the financial markets, speculation, or speculative trading refers to a form of trading where traders look to profit from market price movements.

How to Read Candlestick Patterns & Charts When Trading

Discover the many candlestick patterns to improve your technical trading analysis. Learn how to read candlestick charts and predict market movement here.

What is Revenge Trading & How to Stop It?

Revenge trading is an emotional response after traders suffer a significant loss. This can lead to overtrading and put the trader in a worse position.

Best Trading Indicators: Most Popular Technical Indicators

Discover the best technical indicators and find out which are the most effective for traders. Click here to see the 17 most used trading indicators.