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How we select and develop our most promising traders.

Axi Select provides a pathway for talented traders to access the capital funding they need to become professional.

If you demonstrate the potential to make it to the top, Axi will build a plan around you. We will provide the tools, development and even the financial backing you need to progress your trading career and achieve your ambitions.

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Why ambitious traders join Axi Select

A structured and phased program for funding allocation

Allocations of up to A$500,000 per qualified trader

More than A$10,000,000 of funding allocated

Earn a 20% performance fee on profits once you meet all the program criteria

Selecting traders with the sharpest edge

The Axi Select program recognises performance, passion and potential above everything else.

Your long-term experience and the size of your current trades are not selection factors, and we are proud to welcome traders from every region and any professional or educational background.

Skill, risk, behaviour and history - measuring your trading edge

Axi Select focuses on identifying your talents and accelerating your trading career in a controlled, systematic way.

Using PsyQuation, our specialist performance analytical software, you earn a ‘PQ Score’. The technology uses machine learning to analyse success probability factors and create a specific program  based on your strengths and weaknesses.

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“Yes, without a doubt. PsyQuation helped a lot in my evolution as a trader.”

Nelson Dias
Ex banker, Full-Time professional trader with PsyQuation and Axi Select since 2018.

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