How do I set up EAs and indicators on MT4 for Mac?

Please note: Before installing any Expert Advisors, you will need to ensure you have copied the EA to a folder on your Mac. Please locate the desired EA or Indicator on your MAC by opening up your Axi trader MT4 Trading Platform on your MAC. Please make sure you are logged in. Log into your MT4 platform then go to File > Open Data Folder. The below pop up window will appear on your screen: Navigate to My Computer > Z drive > Users. Within the Users file, locate your EAs and Indicators. For demonstration purposes, we have created a folder on our desktop and named it EAs. Select the EA, right click and click ‘Copy’. By pressing the green upwards arrow you’ll be able to navigate back to the MQL 4 folder. Within MQL4 you will find sub folders called Experts and Indicators. Open Experts, right click and click Paste. Your EA should now be copied into the Experts folder. When you have finished copying all your EAs and Indicators, close the Wine Explorer by clicking on the red spot in the top left hand side of the window. You will need to close your MT4 platform and reopen it, then the newly installed EAs should be displayed in the Navigator window under Expert Advisors.