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Get SET in 3 ways 

  • Set it up and step it up

Choose your MT4 plugin or integration and never miss a trade. 


Get the popular market scanner MT4 plugin. Receive daily trading alerts, market reports, and volatility warnings before the opening of the markets.

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Trading Central

Level up your strategy with powerful technical analysis, adaptive candlestick patterns and dynamic indicators.

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MT4 Forex VPS Hosting

Subscribe to an MT4 Forex VPS hosting service and enjoy 24/7 connectivity.

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  • Expand your expertise

What symbols can you trade and how to trade them securely? We offer FREE educational resources to help you gain real insights on what’s going on in the market before you hit the ‘trade’ button. 

Trading news & guides

Read our detailed guides on CFD trading and learn about Forex, Commodities and Precious Metals, Stocks, and more. Get Axi’s weekly newsletter in your inbox with your free trading account.

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Trading Calculators

Calculate your margin, estimate your profit/loss and determine your stop-loss and take-profit orders. 

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IPO trading 

Discover the biggest upcoming IPOs and read our guides on how to trade them.  

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Trade on the Economic Calendar guides 

Learn about the most important economic calendar events, how often they take place and their impact on the markets.  

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  • Time your trades 

Knowing when to open or close a trade is an important aspect of your strategy. We offer essential calendars to help you time your trades.  

Economic Calendar 

Keep track of the most important events like central bank interest rate decisions and employment reports with our helpful calendar. 

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Upcoming Exchange Holidays 

Level up your strategy with powerful technical analysis, adaptive candlestick patterns and dynamic indicators.  

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Dividend Forecast Schedule 

Find out when rollovers will be applied to our Futures CFD products.  

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Future CFD Contract Rollovers  

A forecast of the upcoming dividend adjustments for the Cash CFD indices available on our MT4 platform.  

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