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Live Economic Calendar

Stay in the loop with our FX Economic Calendar

What is the economic calendar?

The economic calendar covers economic events and indicators in real-time from all around the world, including Europe, the US, Australia, Canada, China, South Africa, and more. The calendar is used by traders and investors to monitor any events that may affect movement in markets as a whole or individual security prices.

How to use the economic calendar?

Use the economic calendar to track any upcoming major events that may impact the market you're trading in. The calendar is in chronological order, listing any events within a day and what time they are happening. Using the filters you can look at any particular day, week, or month, just select the custom dates you want to monitor.

Within the filter, you are able to select specific countries you want to monitor and also choose one or more economic categories, such as politics, central banks, housing market, interest rates, etc. If there is a certain event you would like to find, search for it within the keyword search bar.

Clicking on the name of the event will also show you a description of the event and a chart with historical data.

Learn more on how to read the economic calendar when trading forex.

Forex economic calendar features

Keep track of all the most important events, news releases, and market indicators with Axi's Forex Economic Calendar.

Using the calendar's simple design and filters, you can quickly and easily search by date, currency pair, or likely market impact to navigate to the news most relevant to you.

Updated regularly with new data, the Forex Economic Calendar can be a valuable tool for traders looking to stay on top of market conditions.

View details about upcoming news events in this Forex economic calendar:

Refer to our guide on the forex market hours to make sure you know what trading sessions are happening in your time zone.

Axi will not be held responsible for the accuracy of information displayed in the Economic Calendar or for the results of any trading decisions based upon it.

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