Why are there gaps on my chart? How do I fix these gaps?

There are several reasons why gaps can occur in the platform, including:

  • The product did not trade during this time. This can be due to public holidays or a break in trading for the underlying product.
  • An interruption of the price feed from the broker’s side.
  • Data not loaded into the platform or data having been removed.

If the gap is caused by the product not trading, there is no way to fill the gap.

If the issue has been caused by an interruption of the price feed, this will generally be fixed by the broker.

If the data has not loaded into the chart there are 3 ways to resolve.

  • Right click on the chart and select Refresh.
  • Data will need to be downloaded and loaded into the chart. To complete this, click on Tools then History Center Find the correct symbol and time period Select the download button If you have received data from a third party you will able to load the file into the platform by selecting the Import option.
  • Open the platform, Click on ‘File’ in the main toolbar and go to ‘Open data folder’. From the new panel, select the ‘History’ folder. Select the correct server Delete the files from this folder. This will then start a rebuild of the data