What documents are required to open a trading account?

The documents needed to open an account depends on the type of account and the applicants. You will be prompted for all required documentation specific to your account during the application process but generally we require the following: Government Issued valid photo ID Must be Passport, National Identity Card or Drivers Licence. ID must be valid. ID should show your full name, full date of birth and your Photo. ID should be clear and in original colour. All four corners of the document should be visible. Proof of address Must be Bank statement, utility bill (gas, heating, electricity, and internet) or tax invoice dated within the last three months and issued to your name and address. All four corners of the document should be visible. Screenshots are not acceptable; document must be a copy of the original file. Mobile/cell phone bills and credit card statements are not accepted. Please make sure when completing your application to use an address which can be verified by your supporting documentation. If you cannot provide a matching proof of address on your application, we will not be able to open the account. If we need you to provide certified documents, please note: Certification must be undertaken by one of the following: Qualified Lawyer, Notary Public or Bank Manager. The certifier must provide full contact details, date, stamp and sign the document. Certification must be clear and legible. The certifier must also translate documentation where necessary. Certification stamp should not be cropped or digital. If we need you to provide selfie with document, please note: Please make sure your fingers are not covering any text. ID is clear and readable. Selfie is not modified by any photo editing software. Do not wear glasses, headphones or wireless hands-free devices, a hat or head covering. If you wear a hat or head covering for religious or medical purposes, please make sure that your hat or head covering does not cast shadows on your face. If you want to enable someone else to trade on your account, you (the rightful owner of the account) will need to complete and sign a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) document. By doing so you will authorise the person to trade on your behalf. They will not be permitted to make deposits and withdrawals. If it is a corporate, trust or superannuation application, you will be requested to provide additional supporting documents during the application process. Documents can be uploaded directly within the application process or emailed to