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Giving you the
EDGE to succeed! 

Cultivated by our diverse perspectives, mutual respect, openness to change, and a drive for excellence. 

About Axi

Founded in Sydney in 2007 as a two-person startup, Axi has grown into a leading global brokerage that is used by tens of thousands of clients in 100+ countries. Our success is built not only on offering superior products and trading technology but also on providing award-winning service and putting together an exceptional global team. Axi is proud to have a sincere reputation, with the Axi Group of companies operating in several regions around the world, in accordance with comprehensive financial regulations administered by Australian Securities & Investments Commission (Australia), Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom), Dubai Financial Services Authority (United Arab Emirates), Financial Markets Authority (New Zealand), and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus).

Our foundations ground us

How did we get here? Axi is founded on four
fundamental principles
, which give us our EDGE.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: We innovate and strive for greatness with an ambitious mindset.
  • Doing the right thing: Our commitment to integrity ensures we always act in the best interests of our clients and team.
  • Great people doing great things:Our team is our greatest asset, driving success through collaboration and excellence.
  • Evolution is everything: Continuous improvement is key to our long-term success and sustainability.

Our values unite us 

At Axi, our culture defines how we approach our business and distinguishes us from other companies.


As a cohesive team, we understand that our collective strength is greater than the sum of our individual efforts. We help, cooperate, and exchange information to create synergies and maximise our collective potential.


We trust our colleagues to do the right thing for the company and for each other. We always assume that decisions, opinions, and actions are made with good intentions.


With passion, focus, and commitment, our ambition drives us to continuously explore new growth opportunities and produce outstanding results.


We step up, take ownership, and take pride in our work. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for completing a job to the highest standard.


Everyone is valued, included, and heard. We embrace diversity, respect differences, and welcome opinions with curiosity, not judgement.

Love football?
So do we!