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  • Powered by AI & Machine Learning
  • Use data to identify strengths & weaknesses
  • Minimise mistakes
  • Harness powerful performance analytics
  • Track progress with a unique PQ Score Compare your score with top traders

Minimise mistakes.

Built with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PsyQuation works like your own private trading coach. It analyses your unique trading history and style then helps improve the outcomes of your trades by alerting you to potential mistakes, based on your likely trading behaviour.

Powered by AI and Machine Learning

PsyQuation is one of the most sophisticated software platforms available to retail traders. Built with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning it continuously analyses your trading style and performance, comparing it with the latest data to provide intraday charting and near real time performance impact analysis.

Build your score

The PsyQuation Score is the key to unlocking your trading potential. This unique ranking system measures your Skill, Risk, Behaviour and History to help track your progress and predict your future performance.

Follow the leaders

Because every trader gets a unique PsyQuation Score, you can use the PsyQuation leaderboard to follow the fortunes of the top traders. Dive into performance history, track their equity curve and understand their profile.

Advanced alerts for better risk management

With advanced AI and algorithms constantly analysing your trading behaviour, you’ll be alerted when you’re entering a potentially risky trade. Research suggests that following PsyQuation Alert Suggestions significantly improves trading performance.

A pathway to funding

Once you build a PsyQuation Score and can consistently prove your trading ability, your score can be used as a benchmark for significant funding and mentorship through the AxiSelect program, helping you build a career as a professional trader.

A unique ranking algorithm

The PsyQuation Score is a ranking algorithm powered by Machine Learning, that predicts the performance of a trader by understanding their Skill, Risk, Behaviour and History.


An adaptive measure of a trader’s ability to act on a trading opportunity. Simply put, this is a trader's edge.


A measure of a trader’s risk across all open positions, in relation to what extensive data-driven research suggests is an appropriate level.


Like everyone, traders are subject to mistakes. The behaviour indicator measures the number of mistakes (alerts) you make and the way you respond to them.


Performance is a vital ingredient in measuring a traders probability of future success. PQ uses a derivative of a classic risk-return ratio in this indicator.

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