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Symbols 25/09/2023 26/09/2023 27/09/2023 28/09/2023 29/09/2023
AUS200 0.79     0.57  
HK50 0.71        
JPN225       211.32  
UK100       7.76  
US500 0.05 0.29 0.09 0.56 0.14
USTECH       1.12  
 SPA35  2.22        
 SWI20  1.12        


Symbols 02/10/2023 03/10/2023 04/10/2023 05/10/2023 06/10/2023
AUS200   0.11   0.08  
HK50     0.37    
UK100       0.89  
US30   2.57   6.92 4.38
US500 0.02 0.33 0.02 0.73 0.69
USTECH   3.55   0.39  
NETH25     0.17    


Shares CFDs

Date Symbol Points Currency
01-Sep-23 ChinaMobile 2.43 HKD
01-Sep-23 NIKE 0.34 USD
01-Sep-23 CKI 0.71 HKD
01-Sep-23 SwirePacific 8.12 HKD
04-Sep-23 ANTASports 0.82 HKD
04-Sep-23 ChinaUnicom 0.22 HKD
04-Sep-23 CKAsset 0.43 HKD
04-Sep-23 CKHutchison 0.76 HKD
04-Sep-23 CLP 0.63 HKD
04-Sep-23 Henderson 0.5 HKD
05-Sep-23 Cigna 1.23 USD
05-Sep-23 Equifax 0.39 USD
05-Sep-23 Halliburton 0.16 USD
05-Sep-23 Kohls 0.5 USD
05-Sep-23 PVH 0.04 USD
05-Sep-23 Schlumberger 0.25 USD
05-Sep-23 Southwest 0.18 USD
06-Sep-23 NewmontMining 0.4 USD
06-Sep-23 NVIDIA 0.04 USD
07-Sep-23 Admiral 0.51 GBP
07-Sep-23 Blackrock 5 USD
07-Sep-23 Greggs 0.16 GBP
07-Sep-23 HarbourEng 0.1 GBP
07-Sep-23 Prudential 0.05 GBP
07-Sep-23 Serco 0.01 GBP
07-Sep-23 Tapestry 0.35 USD
07-Sep-23 TEGNA 0.11 USD
07-Sep-23 TravelersCompany 1 USD
07-Sep-23 OccidentalPetroleum 0.18 USD
07-Sep-23 CNOOC 0.59 HKD
07-Sep-23 CSPC 0.14 HKD
07-Sep-23 Sinopec 0.16 HKD
07-Sep-23 NetEase 0.82 HKD
08-Sep-23 FedEx 1.26 USD
08-Sep-23 UnitedHealthGroup 1.88 USD
08-Sep-23 V.F.Corp 0.3 USD
08-Sep-23 AIAGroup 0.42 HKD
11-Sep-23 PingAn 1 HKD
11-Sep-23 Shenzhou 0.95 HKD
12-Sep-23 LamResearch 2 USD
12-Sep-23 NXPSemiconductor 1.01 USD
12-Sep-23 CRLand 0.22 HKD
12-Sep-23 HangLung 0.18 HKD
12-Sep-23 PetroChina 0.23 HKD
13-Sep-23 SwirePacific 1.2 HKD
14-Sep-23 AIG 0.36 USD
14-Sep-23 Albemarle 0.4 USD
14-Sep-23 Chubb 0.86 USD
14-Sep-23 CocaCola 0.46 USD
14-Sep-23 DevonEnergy 0.49 USD
14-Sep-23 GileadSciences 0.75 USD
14-Sep-23 GlobalPayments 0.25 USD
14-Sep-23 Macys 0.17 USD
14-Sep-23 Merck&co 0.73 USD
14-Sep-23 Textron 0.02 USD
14-Sep-23 BoydGaming 0.16 USD
14-Sep-23 MotorolaSolutions 0.88 USD
14-Sep-23 BOCHK 0.53 HKD
18-Sep-23 BestBuy 0.92 USD
18-Sep-23 ChinaOverseas 0.35 HKD
18-Sep-23 Hengan 0.76 HKD
20-Sep-23 Total 0.74 EUR
20-Sep-23 OmnicomGroup 0.7 USD
21-Sep-23 Redrow 0.2 GBP
22-Sep-23 CITIC 0.2 HKD
25-Sep-23 GeneralElectric 0.1 USD
25-Sep-23 SeagateTech 0.7 USD
25-Sep-23 GalaxyEnt 0.2 HKD
27-Sep-23 ConocoPhillips 0.6 USD
27-Sep-23 BritishAmericanTobacco 0.14 GBP
28-Sep-23 Barratt 0.24 GBP
28-Sep-23 BritishAmericanTobacco 0.58 GBP
28-Sep-23 ChimeraInvestment 0.18 USD
28-Sep-23 Deere 1.35 USD
28-Sep-23 DrPepper 0.22 USD
28-Sep-23 Fevertree 0.06 GBP
28-Sep-23 Humana 0.89 USD
28-Sep-23 RalphLauren 0.75 USD
28-Sep-23 Rightmove 0.04 GBP
28-Sep-23 SmurfitKappa 0.29 GBP
28-Sep-23 ZimmerHoldings 0.24 USD
02-Oct-23 AgilentTech 0.23 USD
03-Oct-23 Cisco 0.39 USD
03-Oct-23 Comcast 0.29 USD
04-Oct-23 SinoBio 0.02 HKD


Dividends are a distribution of a portion of a company’s earnings to its shareholders. Dividends can be issued as cash payments, shares of stock or other equivalent property.


A dividend causes the share price to fall, as the company is moving money from itself to its shareholders. Dividend payouts from the constituent shares of an index will generally cause the index price to fall. This is because the value of an individual share tends to drop on its ex-dividend date by the amount of the declared dividend. Positive or negative adjustments are applied on Cash Index CFD products to neutralize the impact of the drop in the index price.

Dividend Credits / Debits

How they are calculated?

If you are long then your account will be credited and for short positions your account will be debited.

The dividend is calculated as follows:

Number of CFDs x gross points

Please note: Some exchanges require a withholding tax to be applied to dividend pay-outs. These will be passed on to you, details below:


Country % paid on long positions % paid on short positions
France 85 100
Germany 73.625 100
Spain 85 100
Switzerland 65 100
UK 100 100
US 70 100

Important Notice:

The above adjustments are based on index points. For details of each Index Cash CFD product, kindly refer to our Product Schedule.
The information supplied serves as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. It is not intended to be trading or investment advice. Axi cannot be held accountable for inaccuracies or any losses incurred as a result of this information.