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Great pricing and trade execution

Low latency, fast execution and transparent pricing

Cutting Edge Technology

Modern traders expect high performance technology and exceptional service, and with Axi that’s exactly what you get. From seamless platforms and near-instant trade execution to low spreads and fixed leverage across our product suite, you can rely on Axi to deliver any time you’re ready to make a trade.

What gives Axi the edge behind the scenes

Serious traders know that when it's time to execute your trade, there's no time to wait. That's why Axi invests heavily in behind-the-scenes network technology to significantly lower latency. This results in greater pricing that’s delivered fast, refreshes instantly and experiences fewer outages.

Why lower latency matters

Lower cost

Being able to provide lower latency can significantly reduce the chance of slippage, thereby minimising your trading costs compared to a standard connection.

See how low they can be.

Faster refresh

Lower latency improves our system refresh speed and gives you increased confidence in the pricing you receive, particularly during major events (e.g. elections) characterised by major volatility and/or low liquidity.

Fewer outages

Because our pricing engine connects directly with liquidity sources, we’re not dependent on slower
ECN-style technologies. This gives you pricing that’s more reliable, delivered faster and
has more depth.

Excellence in execution

By investing in world-leading technology, we can actively manage the path your trade takes through the Internet, ensuring your trade takes the least congested – and therefore fastest – route every time. Combined with the ability to speed up the client-side of your MT4 platform, when you execute with Axi you can be confident your trade will be delivered faster than with typical ECN technologies.

Faster than ECN

We believe that traditional ECN connections are too slow for today’s traders; layers of networks, cables, firewalls and third party platforms only add latency which costs the trader.

So what do we do? We go directly to top tier liquidity providers and use co-located servers in key locations around the world, we utilise a shorter, therefore faster, connection. This simple approach results in faster execution, more accurate pricing and fewer outages.

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World-class liquidity

For more than a decade, Axi has built strong relationships with top liquidity providers around the world. Thanks to these trusted partnerships, we’re able to deliver you a reliable trading service with transparent pricing and fast execution speeds.

A world of trading products

Choose from a variety of global markets to trade with Axi, using low spreads and leverage to trade your edge.

Trade from anywhere

No matter what front end device or connection you use, our specialised low latency network supercharges your back-end execution. That means you’ll get faster speeds and greater reliability than the same setup in the same conditions on a different network.

Leveraged trading

While our reliable network connects you to a world of forex, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies, our leverage up to 30:1 gives you the ability to make the most of your trading capital.

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