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Payment methods at Axi

Enjoy hassle-free and commission-free
deposits & withdrawals in your region

  Payment Method Currencies Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Time to Account Fees
Credit/Debit Card EUR, USD, PLN USD 5 USD 100,000 Instant Free
visa Bank Transfer EUR, USD, PLN EUR 10 EUR 1,000,000 1-3 days Free
  Payment Method Currencies Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal Withdrawal Time Fees
Credit/Debit Card EUR, USD, PLN USD 5 USD 50,000 Instant Free
visa Bank Transfer EUR, USD, PLN EUR 30 EUR 1,000,000 1-3 days Free

Important information about payments

While Axi does not apply charges, your credit card provider, bank or payment system may apply a transaction fee or commission that is beyond our control.

Axi does not charge any fees for the first $50,000 USD deposited each month via credit card. If you exceed this monthly Fee Free Limit, Axi reserves the right to pass on your Credit card transaction fees. If you have further questions, please contact your account manager.

The term “instant” indicates that a transaction will be carried out within a few seconds without manual processing by our financial department specialists. Please note that although it's instantly processed on our side, your deposit or withdrawal request may take some time to be processed on the payment system provider's side.

You must use your own personal payment accounts for deposits and withdrawals. We will not accept direct payments or payments to third parties. All the information you need regarding transactions can be found in your Client Portal.

To reduce the time taken for a deposit to reach your trading account, please submit all deposit requests from within your Client Portal. This ensures we are aware of your incoming payment and can apply the funds at the earliest opportunity. Please note: not all payment options are available in all countries – please log into the Client Portal to view the payment options available to you.

Axi does not accept payments from third parties. Please ensure all deposits into your trading account come from an account in your name. Payments received from Joint Accounts will be accepted if the trading account holder is one of the parties to the joint account.

In the event we suspect third-party funding has occurred, we reserve the right to return the funds to the remitter and retain the balance in your account, pending verification of proof of identity and the source of funds before processing. In the absence of verification, we reserve the right to retain the balance in your account and you will not be permitted to withdraw the balance of your account.

Axi does not process withdrawals to third parties. All requests of this nature will be cancelled.

We have made it easy to directly transfer your trading account funds from your current broker to your Axi account. Simply use the form below and we'll take care of the rest!

1. Ensure that both your Axi account and other broker account have the same account names.
2. Download the Broker Transfer Form here.
3. Scan and send the form to service.eu@axi.com – and to your current broker’s support desk.

Ready to make a deposit?

Log in to the Client Portal, choose your preferred deposit method, and enjoy hassle-free and commission-free payments.

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