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Licensed. Regulated.

At Axi, we put local service excellence first, going above and beyond the minimum requirements. We hold a robust financial trading licence, which guarantees that when you trade with us, you're not only meeting but exceeding local regulatory standards.

Licensed Regulated

World-class liquidity

To help give you a sharp trading edge, our pricing engine directly connects with top liquidity sources. When combined with our seamless network technology, this allows us to offer low pricing that’s delivered fast, refreshes instantly, and experiences limited outages.

Try trading (without the risk)

Want to explore the benefits of trading without risking your own money? Open a free Axi Demo account to practice with the safety of virtual funds.

Whether you're an aspiring trader or a savvy pro searching for new opportunities, our near-real-time Demo account mirrors a live trading environment and gives traders space to practice and discover an edge they can use to succeed at any level.

  • Free for 30 days, or get unlimited access when you open a Live account
  • Get access through the world-leading MT4 trading platform
  • $50,000 of virtual funds to use for practice and building essential trading knowledge
  • Enjoy the same features and functionality as Live trading accounts, including products, pricing, charts and more.

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Convenient deposits and withdrawals

Axi’s transparent service lets you make deposits and request withdrawals at any time through our online Client Portal.

Secure payments

Segregated funds

Instant payment options

Convenient withdrawals

SSL-secured payments

As a responsible broker, online security and fraud prevention are our top priorities. To ensure your account is fully protected, we implement high industry standards of encryption for online payments and apply extra validation measures, such as ensuring all deposits and withdrawals match up with the name on your credit card. These small but important steps add valuable layers of protection to your account and provide you with a seamless trading experience.

Education to help give you an edge

We want you to succeed as a trader, so we use our experience and expertise to ensure you have access to top educational resources designed to improve your trading knowledge and help you find an edge.

Our education centre is full of resources you can use to become a more informed trader, from video tutorials and eBooks to expert market commentary, insights, and community groups.

Build your trading skills using high-quality trading education materials.

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The right trading tools for the job

Modern traders need world-class technology. Axi provides this through a suite of advanced trade management tools that offer the ideal combination of simplicity and sophistication.

From an AI-driven analytics platform that helps improve your decision-making to automation software that allows you to maximise market opportunities, Axi gives you access to smart technology you can trust to hone your tactics and make it easier to trade your edge.

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More ways to protect yourself on our platform

While all trading carries an inherent risk, as a transparent and trusted broker, we try to ensure all our clients have as much protection as possible. We encourage all traders to consider the benefits of using a range of these protective measures in their day-to-day trading.

Free protection against adverse market movements
Set a stop loss order to close your position automatically if the market moves against you. Although there’s no trigger charge, there’s no guarantee of protection against slippage, so your position could be closed out at a worse level if the market gaps.

Take profit automatically
Set a limit order in line with your profit target, and we’ll close your position for you when the price hits your chosen level!

Stay on top of market movements
Set price alerts, and we and we will notify you by text or email when a market reaches your specified price. Push alert notifications are available free of charge, and can be set up on our web-based platform and apps, and appear as in-platform pop-ups on PC and mobile app.

Fraud Awareness

Protect your trading account and funds by taking some important precautions.

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Taking control of your risk

Axi offers an array of free tools to help you better manage your risk, complemented by extensive educational resources dedicated to improving your general trading knowledge.

Can you lose more than you deposited?
If you trade with leverage, there’s always a chance you could lose more than the balance of your account if a trade goes against you. To remove or reduce this potential risk, always check your trade size and level of exposure before you trade, and be sure that you can afford to cover any potential loss. Using simple tools like automatic stop-losses also helps reduce the risk of a negative balance.

Sudden position closures
Due to volatile markets and the need to ensure sufficient margin is maintained in your account, it’s vital to keep an eye on your bottom line. If you don’t have enough in your account, trades may be closed on your behalf in order to prevent a negative balance. We make it extremely simple to add funds to your account whenever you need to.

Due to fast-changing global market conditions, you may notice that sometimes the price you expect differs in a very small way from the actual execution price. This is a common industry practice known as “slippage". To reduce inconvenience to our clients, we invest heavily in technology and infrastructure that greatly reduces slippage across our network.

Because every trader has a different approach to the level of risk they prefer, we make it easy to check and change your leverage level. Simply login to our Client Portal and look for your leverage settings. That way, you’ll always know your default settings and how much risk you’ll be exposed to on your trades.

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