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Trade Agricultural CFDs Online

Unmask your trading potential with agricultural CFDs. From cocoa and coffee to soybean, trade with Axi and enjoy award-winning customer service and competitive spreads.

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Why trade agricultural commodities with Axi?

From cocoa and coffee to soybeans, uncover the unique potential of trading agricultural commodities with Axi. Experience ultra-fast orders execution, and fee-free deposits and withdrawals and see why Axi is trusted by more than 60,000 traders globally.

Variety of Products

Variety of Products

From Coffee and Cocoa to Corn, there's a commodity for every investment strategy

Leveraged trading

Leveraged trading

Get leverage up to 1:10 and required margin from 10%

ZERO Deposit & Withdrawal Fees*

ZERO Deposit & Withdrawal Fees*

Pay less when you make transactions, so you've got more left to trade with
*Other fees may apply

Powerful Platform, Fast Execution

Powerful Platform, Fast Execution

Use the world-leading MT4 trading platform and our ultra-fast network to trade with super-low spreads and reliable pricing.

All Trading Strategies Welcome

All Trading Strategies Welcome

With no restriсtions on EAs, you're free to trade the way you want – or just copy top traders with Axi Copy Trading*

Local Service, Trusted Globally

Local Service, Trusted Globally

Since 2007, Axi has become the trusted choice for ambitious traders in 100+ countries

*Developed in partnership with Pelican Exchange Limited and London & Eastern LLP. Pelican Exchange Limited is an Appointed Representative of London and Eastern LLP which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) with respective FCA registration numbers 739090 and 534484.

Agricultural commodities to trade

See our bid/ask prices and spreads, across all our agricultural commodities, like coffee, cocoa, and soybean.


Pricing is indicative. For a complete overview of all the commodities available and what time zone they are active in, check out the product schedule.

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So, what are agricultural commodities?

Commodities make up some of the world’s most important and widely traded physical goods. ‘Soft’ commodities are agricultural products, like coffee, cocoa, and soybean. There are also ‘hard’ commodities which are usually mined or extracted. When you trade agricultural commodities with Axi, you are not buying a physical asset such as beans of cocoa or coffee. Instead, you simply trade (buy or sell) on the price movement of the underlying asset through CFDs.

Discover agricultural commodities to trade with Axi

Trade our range of agricultural commodities including cocoa, coffee, and soybean. Instead, if you are interested in ‘hard’ commodities, you may take a position on oil or one of our many precious metals.

Discover more markets to trade with Axi

Choose from a variety of global markets to trade with Axi, using ultra-competitive spreads & fast order execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

For coffee, the trading hours are Monday to Friday, 04:15 - 13:29 (New York Time).
For cocoa, the trading hours are Monday to Friday, 04:15 - 13:29 (New York Time).
For soybean, the trading hours are Sunday to Friday, 19:00 - 13:19 (Chicago Time).

Just like other markets, supply-and-demand can heavily influence the direction of prices. When the demand prevails the ability to supply, prices rise. In contrast, when there's increased supply, the prices decrease. Factors that can affect supply-and-demand include, among others, weather volatility, geopolitical events, distribution costs, and even the strength of the US dollar.

Once you have opened an Axi trading account and are ready to trade agricultural commodities online, you can deposit funds via credit card or bank transfer.

Axi charges no fees for funding and withdrawals to your trading account, however your bank might charge a fee. We implement high industry standards of encryption to ensure your account is fully protected. Discover all our payment methods.

When you have a standard trading account with Axi, you will not be charged fees or commissions and you can use your account as much or as little as you like.

If you set up a Pro account for online trading, you will be charged a small commission of USD$3.50 per lot ($7 round trip) in conjunction with having lower spreads.

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