Fraud Awareness

Protect your trading account and funds by taking some important precautions.

Protect your personal data online

Criminals move with the times and with the internet an increasingly important part of our daily lives there are certain practices you should follow to keep your data safe.

  • Links and attachments: think before you click on a link or attachment supposedly from your bank, utilities providers, tax service or other legitimate organisations. Fraudsters do a good job of pretending communication is legitimate but check for spelling errors and email addresses that don’t seem right. If in doubt, don’t click.

  • Passwords: use unique, complex passwords with a combination of lower and upper-case letters, numbers and symbols. Change them often.

  • Software: keep software on your PC and devices updated.

  • Internet security package: ensure you have internet security in place but remember this software will not provide 100% protection and all the other steps should still be taken.

  • Privacy Settings: review the privacy settings on your social media accounts and check what information you are publicly sharing. It will be safest to only allow friends to see your posts, comments and profile information. You may see "Sign Up With Facebook" or "Sign Up With Google" options but try and avoid logging into other sites with your social media credentials.

Specific guidance regarding your account with Axi

Please only make deposits to your trading account using the payment methods and bank information found within our secure client portal.

All our bank accounts are in our name (or a name of one of our Group of companies). Never transfer money to an account in a name of an individual or to a company that you do not recognise

Never provide your banking or personal information via SMS or WhatsApp. We will never ask you for these details in this way.

If you receive unexpected communication by phone, email, text or WhatsApp from somebody claiming to be from Axi please seek verification from us directly using the contact points on this website.

Social media and fraud awareness