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Crude Oil Today - Support is holding again after a wild ride overnight

Holding important support for now.

Oil Weekly: Top 3 Things That Will Weigh on Oil This Week

Like last week the narrative hasn’t changed much, where trade talks, OPEC compliance and U.S. oil inventories will feature broadly in Oil market discussions this week.

Oil Weekly: Oil Prices Remain Slippery

Oil prices have been under pressure over the past few weeks, but can the recent list of strong economic data give it the much needed boost?

Crude Oil Today - Support holds causing a sharp bounce after the overnight fall

Key support is holding - if it goes the outlook changes materially.

Crude Oil Today - Brent and WTI closing in on vital support

A critical test seems to be in the offing for Crude.

Crude Oil Today - Price retraces but still looks vulnerable

Does Brent need to retest the breakout?

Crude Oil Today - WTI down, Brent up


Crude OIl Today - Evaporating inventories in the North Atlantic support prices

$70/40/50 looks like a critical level for WTI.

Crude Oil Today - Breaking lower

$71 is going to prove critical for Brent and with it the overall oil complex.

Crude OIl Today - When you get it right but wrong at the same time

Breaking back toward the highs?