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Video: Market Morning - 11 July

Trump throws a spanner in the works.

Video: Market Morning - 12 July

Oil got belted, copper collapsed, and the USD surged. Just another day in a fractious world of markets.

Video: Market Morning - 13 July

Markets settled a little overnight as we await a Chinese response. Elsewhere, President Trump continues to cut a swathe though Europe.

Markets Morning - The Fed exercises its Risk Case, stocks rise, the USD loses a little traction

Stocks are still pointing higher as USD bulls ease back a touch.

Markets Morning - China seeks WTO authorisation to hit the US on an old spat, stocks and USD up

A positive day all things considered.

Video: Market Morning - 10 July

Markets dominated by Brexit madness and strong stocks – but US inflation this week is key. We’ve got an important chart to talk about.

Video: Market Morning - 13 Dec

The Fed will decide if the USD strength and bond selling of the past couple of days is set to continue. It might challenge stocks as well.

Markets Morning - Trump's comments continue to pressure the USD, S&P makes a fresh record but reverses

The Michael Cohen news could reverse US stocks.

Markets Morning - Fear is elevated but a panic was avoided

No panic, but with stocks and commodities sliding further weakness in global markets looks a high probability.

Markets Morning - Positive NAFTA trade deal hopes drives stocks new highs; Brexit hopes propels GBP above 1.30

Genuinely good news.