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Forex Today - Brexit headlines drive a USD hiatus, can it last?

A hiatus before the next leg perhaps.

Markets Outlook: What’s all this talk about cancelling Christmas?

Pitching the positive side after last week’s eerie impasse; After a risk circuit-breaker, markets search for the next driver; A winter of discontent for oil markets.

Markets Outlook: Markets suffering from a case of "blues and twos"

Two-year yields have covered their prior six-month range in the last week alone – and whether or not this move is sustainable matters a lot

Oil Markets Special: OPEC+ Preview

As OPEC heads into its final meetings for 2020, is there a reason for concern in oil markets?

Markets Outlook: Choppy seas this week as US election hits the home stretch

Signs point to choppy seas as the US election hits the home stretch, but failing a stimulus shocker, cross-assets could be home on the range.

Markets Outlook: Waxing up for the Blue Wave?

Despite a raft of important data releases on the economic calendar, all eyes are fixed on Washington as the US election hits the home stretch.

Asia Market: Stimulus and vaccine optimism give way to political wrangling

Markets fall on Brexit and US stimulus stalemates, but optimism over FDA vaccine approvals and subsequent US rollouts hold stocks and oil in check.

Asia Market: A Blue Wave impulse starts to emerge

US election will capture the market's attention as Biden holds clear lead in polls; Oil surges as veil of uncertainty around OPEC+ month-end meeting is lifted

Asia Market: It’s always darkest before dawn

The short US dollar story is in a mutability stage; Oil remains vulnerable to the winter of despair; A set of golden woes.

Asia Market: Stimulus deadlock proving the ultimate rally capper

While the US stimulus deadlock is proving to be the ultimate rally capper, it was the gnarliest of Main Street concerns that hurt sentiment.