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Crude Oil Today - Price retraces but still looks vulnerable

Does Brent need to retest the breakout?

Crude Oil Today - Support is holding again after a wild ride overnight

Holding important support for now.

Crude Oil Today - Inventories spike but prices were already lower

The technicals support a deep pullback for Brent.

Crude Oil Today - Breaking lower

$71 is going to prove critical for Brent and with it the overall oil complex.

Crude Oil Today - Support holds causing a sharp bounce after the overnight fall

Key support is holding - if it goes the outlook changes materially.

Crude Oil Today - Brent and WTI closing in on vital support

A critical test seems to be in the offing for Crude.

Crude Oil Today - WTI down, Brent up


Crude OIl Today - When you get it right but wrong at the same time

Breaking back toward the highs?

Crude Oil - Iran sanctions or trade war? That is the question

Prices may be rolling over.

Crude Oil Today - Consolidation below important resistance

Poised to leap, or fail.