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Chart Of The Day: USD under renewed pressure

Charts Of The Day: Tech stocks under pressure

USTECH index tanks as technology stocks come under pressure; Further losses ahead for GER30; Oil continues to march higher; Currency traders eyeing the CAD

Charts of the day: Markets feel pressure as investors turn risk averse

COVID-19 surge weighs on markets, but there are no panic signs just yet; Bitcoin consolidates following flash crash; Copper on an uptrend; Euro under pressure

Charts Of The Week: Equity markets under pressure

GER30 approaches key support level; UK100 traders await a breakout; Coffee sell-off catching the eye; Is too much good news already priced into USTECH?

Weekly Technical Analysis: Charts of the week 26 April 2021

Oil has been struggling in the past few days, as a sharp increase in new COVID-19 cases in some countries - primarily emerging markets - triggered concerns about the global economic recovery and oil demand.