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What is Margin in Trading & How Does it Work?

Margin trading is a common tool that many traders utilise in their trading strategies. Discover exactly how margin works in trading and how to apply it.

What is Speculative Trading? - Speculation in Trading

Inside the financial markets, speculation, or speculative trading refers to a form of trading where traders look to profit from market price movements.

What is a Trading Journal & How Do Traders Use It?

The trading journal is one of the most underrated tools in the world of trading. Find the best trading journals to use and learn how to create your own.

Trading Sins That Will Cost You Money

Every trader has committed trading errors, mistakes, and sins along the way. Learn about the most common trading sins that you need to avoid here.

What is Forex Trading & How to Trade Forex for Beginners

Forex trading is one of the most popular forms of investing in the world. Read this guide on forex trading for beginners to learn how to trade today!

What is Leverage in Trading? - Forex Leverage Explained

Using leverage when trading allows you to gain full exposure to a trade. Discover the key features, advantages & ​disadvantages of leverage trading.

What is Trading Psychology & Emotional Trading?

When trading psychology is discussed there are numerous emotions and hurdles a trader must consider in order to develop a winning mindset.

How to Track & Measure Your Trading Performance

Learn how to measure your trading performance, devise a strategy for growth, and improve your skills with 12 ways to measure trading performance.

Best Forex Trading Strategies

Discover some of the most commonly used forex trading strategies utilised in the market. Learn to execute trades with strong forex strategies in place.

Forex Algorithmic Trading Strategies & Techniques

Algorithmic trading can remove the manual process of looking for suitable trades and effectively and efficiently improve the process. Learn more here.