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Charts Of The Day: Mixed performance for precious metals

A mixed performance for precious metals, with gold facing headwinds and silver suffering from a sell-off; Euro equities in risk-off mode: Oil weighs on CAD

Buying Gold as an Investment in 2021

For years gold has been seen as the safe haven investment, but with a lot of uncertainty in the world today, is it still seen as a smart investment?

Asia Market: The hunted turn hunters

Even as the hunted turn hunters, it doesn't alter the long-term narrative where caution still reigns

Asia Market: All systems go for the rocket-fuelled reflation trade

The tides of US stimulus raising all boats also provides a significant risk-on accelerant

Asia Market: The Macro Dilemma

Fears of further market deleveraging and stock dramas in the US merge with mutant coronavirus variants to offset some global vaccination drive results

Asia Market: Sound of more stimulus is music to the market's ears

With stimulus in the air and the VIX market fear gauge falling, there’s less urgency to de-risk and more comfort for folks to spread their "risk-on" wings

Asia Market: Who says too much of a good thing is bad?

US January employment report is near perfect from a market point of view, justifying full-throttle stimulus from both monetary and fiscal concerns