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Asia Market: Markets trading higher, albeit cautiously

Notable reactions show earnings still count; Markets higher in line with stimulus-before-election theme as stocks ebb & flow on the unwind and rotation swivel

Asia Market: Sense of caution returns to equity and FX markets

A sense of caution returns to equity & FX markets; Fear of restrictions rises as Covid-19 infections accelerate; Investors keen to safeguard year-end profits.

Asia Market: Stimulus and vaccine optimism give way to political wrangling

Markets fall on Brexit and US stimulus stalemates, but optimism over FDA vaccine approvals and subsequent US rollouts hold stocks and oil in check.

Asia Market: Cross-asset markets find their footing

Spooked cross-asset markets find their footing again, but risk may continue to struggle as Covid concerns continue to cast a pall over proceedings

Asia Market: A glimmer of hope for an elusive stimulus

EU mobility restrictions and pre-election dyspepsia are making life mighty uncomfortable for investors these days.

Asia Market: Vaccine news is the real deal

Another week, another 90%+ vaccine, and herd immunity has now become part of the market’s lexicon.

Asia Market: Spotlight falls on DC and FOMC

With investors in "what could go wrong now mode", this week could provide a good sentiment gut check

Asia Market: The hunted turn hunters

Even as the hunted turn hunters, it doesn't alter the long-term narrative where caution still reigns

Markets Outlook: No rest for the weary as attention turns to recovery

Expect to remain stuck in the inflation "lather, rinse and repeat" cycle as the tides of inflation ebb and flow

Asia Market: NFP to provide direction for risk markets

It’s hugely important that this week's financial data, at a minimum, meets expectations to maintain this ship on an even keel