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Markets Outlook: An increasing polarity between economic outlooks

Markets currently circumscribed to three related themes: lockdowns, vaccines and policy support.

Asia Market: Global markets tremble

An exceptionally rough day for the oil sector – and broader markets in general – as the lockdown lambaste wholly flipped the reflationary narrative.

Asia Market: Investors left with little cause to chase the markets

Markets hit the pause button on multiple days amid snail-paced re-risking this week

Markets Outlook: What’s all this talk about cancelling Christmas?

Pitching the positive side after last week’s eerie impasse; After a risk circuit-breaker, markets search for the next driver; A winter of discontent for oil markets.

Markets Outlook: Markets suffering from a case of "blues and twos"

Two-year yields have covered their prior six-month range in the last week alone – and whether or not this move is sustainable matters a lot

Oil Markets Special: OPEC+ Preview

As OPEC heads into its final meetings for 2020, is there a reason for concern in oil markets?

Asia Market: Powell says "not now"

Currency markets breathe easier and oil prices are lifting higher, but stocks are weaker and US yields worries linger.

Asia Market: Signs of gleaming days ahead for markets

For the incoming Biden administration, it’s vaccination policy rollouts – not timing of taxation – that should resonate with investors this year.

Markets Outlook: Readying for a stimulus downpour

With hopes high for eased lockdowns and a stimulus downpour to coincide with a March break, the outlook is rosy for the week ahead

Markets Outlook: The makings of a rosy week ahead

Prospects of a stimulus downpour to coincide with March break when lockdowns are due to ease makes for a rosy market outlook