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Power your decisions with
premium technical indicators 

TC Alpha Generation, your strategic ally, seamlessly integrates its award-winning technical methodology into your MetaTrader 4 platform. Like a savvy assistant offering insightful indicators superimposed onto your charts, this formidable addition to your arsenal of trading tools provides you the confidence to trade decisively.  

What TC Alpha Generation

Analyst Views

A compass for target levels and directional analysis, powered by Trading Central's award-winning methodology.

Adaptive Candlesticks

Instant access to pivotal candlestick patterns, reflecting shifts in supply, demand, and market dynamics.

Adaptive Divergence
Convergence (ADC)

A dynamic indicator tuned for short-term trading, delivering timely signals and shielding against sideways movements.

TC Alpha Generation Indicators Key Features 

Analyst Views

Craft trades with precision using expert-backed analysis:

Targeted analysis: Swift perspectives on preferred directions and target levels, fuelling informed decisions.

Alternative scenarios: Uncover pivot points and alternative outcomes, shedding light on potential market shifts.

Adaptive Candlesticks 

Spot crucial patterns instantly:

Enhanced insights: Gauge supply-demand dynamics and market sentiment through sixteen advanced candlestick patterns for focused analysis.

Advanced pattern recognition: Filter out only the most crucial patterns, essential for making informed decisions in the current market context.

Adaptive Divergence Convergence (ADC)

An ‘augmented’ MACD for refined signals in short-term trading:

Fast & Slow Oscillators: Dual insights for quick and steady signals, offering a comprehensive market outlook.

Raw & Smooth Signal Lines: Indicator-based cues for buying or selling, adapting to market dynamics.

Long & Short Entry/Exit Signals: Clearly labelled signals for spotting trading opportunities.

Dual Price Indicators: Confirm trends and adapt to varying market conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes! TC Alpha Generation Indicators are user-friendly, offering valuable insights, for traders at all experience levels.

  1. Click on "Trading Platforms" and select MT4. 
  2. Find TC Alpha Generation Indicators and follow the instructions to download and install.
  3. Follow any additional instructions provided on that page to complete the download and installation process. 

While they're powerful, we recommend pairing them with other methods, risk management strategies, and a well-defined trading plan.

Download MT4 directly from the Axi website:

  1. Click on "Trading Platforms" on the Navigation Menu, found at the top of the page, and select MT4.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose your preferred platform (Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS). Your Windows or Mac download will begin immediately.
  3. For Android or iOS, you will be redirected to a page where you can download MT4. Follow any additional instructions provided on that page to complete the download and installation.