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2020 US election: How a Trump or Biden win affects the currency markets

The US Presidential candidates are making their final pitch to voters – but what will their respective policies mean for global currency markets?

2020 US election: Impact on gold prices

With the US elections around the corner and political tensions running high, how is it likely to affect gold prices? In this article, we analyze three different election scenarios and their impact on gold prices.

2020 US election: Impact of Biden’s Presidency on EURUSD

EURUSD is one of the most heavily traded currency pairs in the market – so how is it likely to trend if Joe Biden takes over the Oval Office?

2020 US election: Impact on the stock markets

With the US election less than a week away, we look at what victory for each candidate will mean for the markets and which sectors are likely to benefit most.

46th President of the United States: How will A Biden presidency potentially affect the markets?

The key questions investors are asking themselves now is, how will a Biden presidency affect markets?

Asia Market: It’s US election day. Here we go…

Gripping action across the board as investors are positioned, hedged and ready to trade – here’s what to watch for.

Asia Market: The morning after…

All eyes on Arizona and Nevada; Yuan traders walking the talk; Gold stuck in no man's land; A lot to like for oil; Will anything derail the equity rally?

Markets Outlook: Stimulus coming to an asset near you

Eyes remain trained on the US election; Non-farm payrolls beat expectations; Equities end busy week with more dispersion; Oil locked in the red