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Markets Outlook: Several notable events, but only one headliner

Polls show a Biden win, but pick your spots wisely; Bear steeping 5vs30s UST to lead the way as US election risk is all about stimulus is in the pipeline.

Markets Outlook: Vaccinations to drive market direction

We could be on the verge of death of the year's consensus trade by a thousand cuts.

Markets Outlook: It’s time for the main event

Smoking guns and risk reversal make for a scatterbrained view for the upcoming week

Markets Outlook: Why try to push against what's not broken?

Washington, ECB and Brexit are all in focus, while the oil complex seems happy with OPEC thanks to Chinese demand.

Markets Outlook: Central banks in focus

In an economic calendar packed with events it’s the central banks that are in focus, but the only one that really counts is FOMC.

Markets Outlook: Time to look lively

Fed meeting takes the spotlight amid a recentering of focus towards potential central bank upside policy scenarios around upcoming vaccinations.

Markets Outlook: Focus dominated by pandemic and vaccine rollouts

Big data releases, rampant pessimism and VaR-related risk shockers as market focus remains on the pandemic and vaccine rollouts.

Markets Outlook: Markets remain resilient despite yield fears

It's a relatively quiet week ahead on the data front – but that means little these days

Markets Outlook: Spring is in the air

A hugely significant data week with much optimism packed into the price; Positive data surprises must remain to keep this ship moving on an even keel

Markets Outlook: No rest for the weary as attention turns to recovery

Expect to remain stuck in the inflation "lather, rinse and repeat" cycle as the tides of inflation ebb and flow