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Markets Outlook: Several notable events, but only one headliner

Polls show a Biden win, but pick your spots wisely; Bear steeping 5vs30s UST to lead the way as US election risk is all about stimulus is in the pipeline.

Markets Outlook: China to inject $170 billion liquidity to calm markets

Amid rising fear, China has announced a $170 billion liquidity injection. Will this be enough to arrest fear and confusion around the coronavirus?

Markets Outlook "Crossing the Rubicon"

It’s not been the start to the year investors were looking for as all eyes turn towards Iran’s retaliation in the wake of the US airstrike.

Markets Outlook: Refocusing the China coronavirus debate

The market makes up its mind on coronavirus, there’s heat ahead in Asia markets, an agglomerate of Fed data, RoRo cycle spins and maybe more downside for oil?

Markets Outlook: Vaccinations to drive market direction

We could be on the verge of death of the year's consensus trade by a thousand cuts.

Markets Outlook: It’s time for the main event

Smoking guns and risk reversal make for a scatterbrained view for the upcoming week

Markets Outlook: A cluttered environment for risk

Parsing some of the most recent developments, we’re still sitting in a cluttered environment for risk in the coming weeks.

Markets Outlook: Why try to push against what's not broken?

Washington, ECB and Brexit are all in focus, while the oil complex seems happy with OPEC thanks to Chinese demand.

Markets Outlook: Central banks in focus

In an economic calendar packed with events it’s the central banks that are in focus, but the only one that really counts is FOMC.

Markets Outlook: Time to look lively

Fed meeting takes the spotlight amid a recentering of focus towards potential central bank upside policy scenarios around upcoming vaccinations.