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2020 US election: Impact on gold prices

With the US elections around the corner and political tensions running high, how is it likely to affect gold prices? In this article, we analyze three different election scenarios and their impact on gold prices.

Asia Market: Vaccine economics vs. real-time economics

It was a November of the ages, but will it be a December to remember?

Asia Market: Bright lights at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel

Investors revel in the glow of vaccine green lights as multiple candidates come through the Covid-19 tunnel.

Asia Market: The abyss awaits as lockdowns loom

With the virus again rampant, lawmakers are left with little choice besides locking down and letting economic danger re-emerge from the dark of curfews.

Asia Market: Script flipped on post-election reflation narrative

It would have been chaotic week in any case, but the intensifying pandemic might flip the whole picture upside down for any post-election reflation narrative.

Asia Market: Global markets tremble

An exceptionally rough day for the oil sector – and broader markets in general – as the lockdown lambaste wholly flipped the reflationary narrative.

Asia Market: A glimmer of hope for an elusive stimulus

EU mobility restrictions and pre-election dyspepsia are making life mighty uncomfortable for investors these days.

Asia Market: Vaccine news is the real deal

Another week, another 90%+ vaccine, and herd immunity has now become part of the market’s lexicon.

Asia Market: Powell says "not now"

Currency markets breathe easier and oil prices are lifting higher, but stocks are weaker and US yields worries linger.

Asia Market: Signs of gleaming days ahead for markets

For the incoming Biden administration, it’s vaccination policy rollouts – not timing of taxation – that should resonate with investors this year.