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Asia Market: Expect worse economic data before it gets better

Markets engaged in a tug of war in an effort to look through nearer-term negative data and news that’s likely to get worse before it gets better.

Asia Market: Vaccine economics vs. real-time economics

It was a November of the ages, but will it be a December to remember?

Asia Market: Bright lights at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel

Investors revel in the glow of vaccine green lights as multiple candidates come through the Covid-19 tunnel.

Asia Market: End of an incredibly trying week for investors

Asia wakes to a double dose of trouble as White House and Fed squabbles fuse with California re-lockdowns.

Asia Market: Time for a breather after recent rates volatility

As we emerge from this winter of despair, the hope of spring should prove eternal – especially for oil.

Asia Market: NFP to provide direction for risk markets

It’s hugely important that this week's financial data, at a minimum, meets expectations to maintain this ship on an even keel

Asia Market: The abyss awaits as lockdowns loom

With the virus again rampant, lawmakers are left with little choice besides locking down and letting economic danger re-emerge from the dark of curfews.

Asia Market: Script flipped on post-election reflation narrative

It would have been chaotic week in any case, but the intensifying pandemic might flip the whole picture upside down for any post-election reflation narrative.

Asia Market: Stock sentiment remains hopeful despite fading gains

Hopeful signs on the stimulus front, but trouble in the Pfizer vaccine supply chain; OPEC makes a deal, but has the rift widened? FX pares risk ahead of NFP.

Asia Market: Things can only get better

Stimulus and the Popeye effect; ECB gets ready to meet amid ongoing Brexit headline bluster; Oil is soggy after API inventory data printed another build.