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From Gold and Silver to Oil and Indices, CFD trading lets you trade across some of the most valuable and dynamic sectors of the global economy.

With low margin requirements, low fees and a wide range of products, CFD trading is one of our most popular and accessible forms of trading. Whether you’re trading for the first time or looking for new ways to diversify your investment portfolio, CFDs can open a world of opportunities.

How does CFD trading work?

Unlike buying a traditional asset, such as stock in a company, CFD trading offers no ownership of an underlying asset. Instead, it simplifies the process by letting you trade on the real price movements of the underlying asset, like Gold, Oil or a stock Index. And because you’re not buying an asset, you have the potential to profit (or lose) if the price is moving up or down.


Track and trade the movements of the most important resources in the global economy, from metals to energy to agricultural products.


Gold & Silver

Ensure your trades are never disrupted when you subscribe to an MT4 Forex VPS hosting service for 24/7 connectivity.


Metal Crosses

Explore new opportunities when you trade some of the most well known precious metals crossed with the world’s most popular trading currencies.



Follow the volatility and find opportunities with one of the world’s most essential and widely traded commodities.



Trace the performance of benchmark indexes around the world and benefit by trading on their fortunes as they rise and fall.



Embrace the digital currency revolution with a range of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, to trade as CFDs.



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