Transfer of your account from AxiCorp Limited to Axi Financial Services (UK) Limited

As part of an internal reorganisation, AxiCorp Limited (Company Number 06378544) (AxiCorp) intends to transfer its business to a company within our group, Axi Financial Services (UK) Limited (Company number 06050593) (Axi).

Axi is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with Firm Reference Number 466201 and there will be no material change to your day to day trading and no loss of regulatory protection.

This change is scheduled to occur on 28 May 2022 (Effective Date).


What will the transfer from AxiCorp to Axi mean for me?

Your account number and login details will be the same. There will be no change to the products on offer or the pricing you receive and our contact details will be the same.

You will see a change to our footers and the disclaimers on email correspondence and statements that you receive, and our websites will, in due course, reflect the new entity.

The client agreement that currently governs your account with AxiCorp will be updated to reflect the new entity and there will be no other material changes.


What do I need to do?

If you agree to the transfer as described herein you do not need to do anything; by continuing to use our services after the Effective Date you will be deemed to consent.

However, if you would prefer not to move your account to Axi, please contact us to arrange the closing of your account.

If you intend to deposit via bank transfer, please note that our bank details will be updated to reflect the client money accounts held by Axi. These will be available in the client portal after the Effective Date.

If you have any questions concerning the proposed transfer, please contact us.