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The Foreign Exchange Market, abbreviated to Forex (or FX), is the global market place where you can buy and sell currency.

We’re founded by traders, so we have all the features a trader needs:

- A wide range of currency pairs

- Low spreads

- Fast execution

We know that Forex trading is more than just numbers. That’s why we also offer the best in service, technology and assurance:

One of the largest Forex trading brokers globally

World-leading MetaTrader 4 trading terminal

Dedicated Account Managers and 24/5 support

Why Trade Forex?

  • World's largest and most liquid financial market
  • Markets open 24 hours a day
  • Markets are low cost
  • Market transparency offers an even playing field
  • Utilise the power of leverage

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Who should trade Forex?

Axi strives to make Forex trading accessible to anyone.

For those who have never traded before, we offer a free Demo account and education resources to get started. For more experienced traders, we have accounts with advanced features. Our clients cover the spectrum of trading experience, including:

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