Introducing Axi Professional

Our dedicated account for experienced traders. 

An Axi Professional account is available for high volume or high frequency traders, and experienced professionals in the financial sector, who require extra leverage to help manage their portfolio or speculate on financial markets. 


Higher leverage

Greater flexibility by offering higher leverage than a standard Retail Account. 

Products and pricing

Get access to our full suite of trading products, including FX, CFDs, Commodities, Indices.

Client Funds

Professional Clients funds are segregated in the same way as those of Retail Clients. 

FSCS Protection

The FCA governed Financial Services Compensation Scheme is still applicable to most account holders.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for an Axi Professional account, you must meet TWO of the following three criteria: 

Have you traded in significant size in leveraged markets an average of 10 times in each of the last four quarters? 

Have an investment portfolio, including cash, that exceeds €500,000. 

Worked for at least a year as a professional in the financial sector requiring knowledge of leveraged products.

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What else do you need to know?

What protections remain? 

Client money protection: We will treat your money in accordance with the FCA's Client Money Rules and keep it protected in a segregated account, separate from our own money. 

Financial Ombudsman Service: As an individual, you have rights for redress if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint to us. 

Financial Services Compensation Scheme: As an individual, you are eligible for compensation from the FSCS for up to £85,000 (or equivalent) that you hold with us. 


Protections you will lose 

Negative Balance: You will not be covered by Negative Balance Protection and may end up owing more than your initial deposit. 

Risk Warnings: We will not have regulatory obligation to provide you with the current risk warnings that we provide to retail clients or any standardised risk warning that is introduced in future in relation to transactions in complex financial products. 

Communications: There are certain regulatory requirements relating to the form and content of communications with retail clients that mean we must use language that is clear, fair and not misleading. As a professional client, we can use more sophisticated language when communicating with you. 

Best Execution: The application of our Best Execution policy may be different for Professional clients compared to Retail clients, although at present it is the same. 

Restrictions: You understand that the trading restrictions imposed on Retail clients are there to protect them and that by being classed as a Professional client without those restrictions you may lose more than if you were a Retail client. 



I already have a Standard Account with you – do I need to start a new application, or can I upgrade to a Axi Professional account.  

As an existing client, provided you meet the FCA’s eligibility criteria, we can switch you to a Professional account using current terms and conditions. However, please note that you may lose some protections, as outlined elsewhere 


What’s the difference between an Axi Professional account and a Pro Account? 

A Pro Account, as opposed to a Standard Account, simply refers to the pricing available to clients, which is more favourable but for which you pay a commission. Some clients prefer this option and depending on the volumes you trade may be more beneficial. 

Whereas as Axi Professional Account refers to the trading status of the client and as such allows them greater flexibility by not be bound by regulatory limits on things like leverage. So their accounts can still be Standard or Pro, but will have higher leverage, if that is what they want.