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14 Jul 2014

I’m going to take you through the Session Map. The session map is like a MT4 session time indicator. To add the Session Map for the chart, you drag and drop it.

What it does is it comes up with a flat globe. It marks out the different trading sessions on different trading days so you can keep track of where you’re setting in terms of the current trading day. There are a few little functions we have here.

Down at the bottom are news events. These are actually future news events. If you imagine a globe, it wraps back around and goes here so these are upcoming news events, not ones in the past.

You can click on a session itself. You will see the rise and fall in the session, the range, and the close of each previous session.

You can see up here your account information.

The globe itself will change colour. If it’s negative, it will be red. If it’s positive, it will be green. If there is no current position on at the moment, it will be gray.

The local time across the top is based on your computer time.

That’s the Session Map, a very useful MT4 session time indicator.



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