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30 Jul 2014

Let’s take a quick look at a neat little feature of AxiTrader’s MT4 NexGen called the Market Manager. To add the Market Manager to a chart, simply drag and drop. Click OK.

It’s going to load a Market Watch here. It corresponds to the symbols in MT4’s Market Watch. If you want to change them, then you simply change what’s in here. You can interact with this quite a bit. If you click on a symbol, it’s going load up some information. It’s going to load up some charts so you can get a quick overview along with some sentiment indicators.

If you want to Buy or Sell, you can click to open a template or use the Order window here.

If you want to close your positions, you can click the X here and it will close your position.

There are a few other features in the Market Watch. We can go in and see our open positions. The same things apply: you can place your orders or close from here.

We can go in and view all symbols for a particular currency: all of the USD crosses, all of the EUR crosses, all of the YEN crosses, and so on.

You can go in and see all your Open and Pending orders. It’s the same list and features as your open positions but with the Pending orders included. You can close the orders from here, too.

Finally, you can go in and see your account info: Balance, Equity, etc. It’s got a neat, little graphic down the bottom as well: Margin, Floating P/L and Profit.

That’s the MT4 NexGen Market Manager.



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